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Strategies To Use When Playing Slot Machines Online

Ever since the first casino games were invented, players looked for ways to improve their odds and maybe even get an edge on the casinos. Nowadays, the concept is still in the minds of regular players but the games are certainly more precise in their mechanics as to not allow anyone to take advantage of them.

The popularity of slots makes them a great target for betting strategies and there are a few which have shown nice results. While these strategies aim to give you some structure to your online play, you should bear in mind that each spin of a slot machine is random and does not depend on the previous results and slot games are games of luck and not that of skill. You can also mitigate your risk by playing your slot games for free at any of the numerous online slot site. We personally prefer playing our online slot games at tuxgames but you might decide to play elsewhere.

With that being noted, here are three of the most efficient betting strategies to use when playing slots at an online casino:

The Booster

It is arguably the preferred option by the majority of slots players and it can work very well given the right circumstances. The booster strategy basically suggests that the player should raise the bet by one level after a spin which was a complete loss. This should only be done up to four levels above the base bet and it will reset on a winning spin.

Most players use this strategy and double their bet after a loss but this is not ideal when playing slots. The better option is to increase it by one level each time, let’s say from 10 to 20, to 30, to 50, to 100, since it is easier to select the wager. When a winning spin occurs, the payout should be big enough as to cover the bets leading up to that point since the spin bet was significantly bigger.

The Leveler

Quite a bit like the strategy we mentioned earlier, the leveler proposes to increase the size of the bet by a couple of levels when five straight losses take place. This can be done one more time after another five losses.

Pretty much the same concept applies but this allows players more room for error and can work better on games which are more volatile. The higher level for the bet will mean a bigger prize when a winning spin does occur and this will most likely result in a win overall.

The Jumper

While most players tend to increase their bets after a loss in order to get back the money they lost, the jumper betting strategy provides a new approach and encourages users to increase their bets after a winning spin in order to make streaks even more rewarding.

Every slots enthusiast knows that streaks can happen quite often when playing slot machines and this particular betting strategy works great in this regard. Increasing the bet level by one after a winning round will make the next spin even more important. This should be done a maximum of four times as to not make the bet too big for the inevitable spin without any combinations. When a loss does happen, the bet resets and the circle is ready to start again.